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    Why you risk your life, licence, car on the road while being drunk. That’s why we offer you a unique service to take out all risks. Your safety is our number one priority. We therefore propose you reasonable price for reasonable solution.

    To eliminate all risks, just call us and get a driver"s service for your car.

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    • Sober driver
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    • Chauffeur services
    • Sober driver for wedding
    • Driver services for MOT

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    The app will automatically detect your location and show drivers nearby.

    • Drive car from the dealership
    • Long distance driver
    • Cargo transportation
    • Courier services

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    Reasonable price for reasonable solution.

    We create our unique app “Sober Driver” not only for booking chaffier at the right time but also for earn money. Just a few taps and you are arriving home. Now that you are on party, you have not to drink only water. You can have fun with friends/family and go home by our app! The big advantage is that you decide what the price will be.

    Our unique app works everywhere, so you could be our passenger. We"re checking every chaffier, that"s why you can leave a feedback on our Instagram.

    The main profile of our service is transfer of all brands and models. Full guarantee of safety and security of your transport. Our employee is your Sober driver at any time, any weather, any place. Our Sober Driver always with you!

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    Any modern person values their time and needs to travel by car.
    For this reason, we offer you Sober Driver service. With a personal driver, you can solve a number of business and family issues, such as business trip, delivery of children to school, transportation of a pregnant wife to the hospital, a trip to the supermarket, meeting your guest at the airport, etc. Using this service, you can be sure that your car is in the safe hands of a real professional!
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    Extra services:

    We provide a wide range of services for our clients: car rental, insurance, personal bodyguard, auto lawyer, car wash, auto electrician, lock picking, etc. You also get various bonuses and discounts while using these services.

    For partners:

    If you want to become our partner, please leave a request on our website. We will place services and advertisements in our app.

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    Directory of drivers whose services you can use for the time you need.

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